Happy 2017!

At Oak Haven Community Care Center, we are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2017. And we invite visitors to share the events with us.

We Encourage Our Residents and Families to enjoy many of the upcoming Events we will be hosting. Please Download our Calendar to find out what we will be doing next.

This Month We have our Administrative Staff diving headfirst in putting together an Activity for the Residents. We look forward to a Jam-Packed Month of Food, Fun, & Celebration.

Download our Calendar –> October 2017

Highlights for October

October 3rd

  • 10 am Fall garden planting with Cody

October 4th

  • 3 pm Black Jack with Micheal

October 6th

  • 3pm Dance party and Karaoke with Katie and Angie

October 9th

  • 3 pm pretty nails with Dorothy

October 10th

  • 10 am Breast cancer awareness ceremony – 1:30 pm spooky cooking with Jamie

0ctober 11th

  • 1pm corn bread with Vickie

October 13th

  • 3pm making slime with Monique

October 17th

  • 10 am rosary with Candace

October 18th

  • 1pm bake cupcakes with Danielle & 3 pm Movie with Ginger

October 20th 

  • 4-H petting zoo with Jennie

Ocotber 23rd

  • 3pm chicken toss with Jason

October 27th

  • 2pm Fall carnival


And Don’t Forget to Check out Facebook for our latest information, pictures, and videos from our events and celebrations!